City to Treat Selected Ash Trees This Week

A contractor will begin treating selected City-owned ash trees this week to protect them from the emerald ash borer infestation.

Since treating all the City's ash trees is not sustainable, many of them have been removed and will being replaced with other species of trees over the next few years.

"The City-owned ash trees selected for treatment are assessed annually and treated bi-annually to prolong their lives. Over time, as trees decline and become hazardous, they will be scheduled for removal. The EAB program will begin planting replacement trees this fall in City parks and on City boulevards," says Troy Stubinski, manager, operations for public works.

Ash trees infested with the emerald ash-borer quickly become unsafe and turn to dust and its estimated that the invasive beetle kills these trees over the course of two to six years.

Click here to see where ash trees are being treated and to find out about how you can deal with ash trees on your property.