The DRIVE's Naughty or Nice List

The staff here at 98.9 The Drive FM are checking Santa's list, and then checking it TWICE to find out who's naughty and nice!

But we can't check the list if you don't fill it for us!

Below nominate someone to win a prize and tell us why they've been NAUGHTY or how they've been NICE this year, and the Elf Reid, Elf Ben, and Elf Riley will announce the winners on the radio and read their story every da. 

We will pick two winners daily from December 4 to December 22nd, 2017 !

The ‘Nice’ nominees are those who have done good deeds, helped others, and facilitated change for the better.  The ‘Naughty’ individuals, well…maybe we can help to encourage you to be a little nicer nicer next year?

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