Convicted Sex Offender Breaks Peace Bond Conditions

A convicted sexual offender, who preyed on young girls over the internet, has been charged with violating conditions of his special protection peace bond.

Mark Bedford, 32, was sentenced to three years in prison for what was considered one of the largest child pornography cases ever prosecuted in Canada.

When his sentence ended in 2011, he was placed on a peace bond, and later was found to have violated the rules of the order.

Bedford was sent back to jail for another 27 months and once released placed on another peace bond with Kingston Police

This time around, Police say he committed five breaches of his bond by accessing the internet between May 7 and June 7, which he had possession of, or access to, devices capable of storing images, accessing social media accounts, and engaging in activities that involve contact with persons under 16 by computer.

Bedford made a brief court appearance on Friday afternoon, and is set to appear again next week to schedule a bail hearing.