Faculty Votes - Students Rally

Voting begins Tuesday and runs through Thursday for 12,000 faculty members at Ontario's colleges who must decide whether to accept the latest contract offer or continue a strike that's now into its fifth week.

The council representing the 24 colleges says if the contract offer is accepted, students could be back in the classroom as early as next Tuesday.

The colleges have said the latest offer includes a 7.75 per-cent raise over four years, improved benefits, and measures to address concerns regarding part-time faculty.
The union says the offer contains ``serious concessions'' that were not agreed to, and which would erode faculty rights and contribute to an unsustainable staffing model.

Half a million students have been out of class since October 15, and many of them will rally outside their college this week.

At St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Students plan to hold a rally outside for the next three days between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., urging faculty to stop the strike.

They also want the opportunity to have a say on how the semester will be handled going forward.