Fairfield Manor Retirement Residence Shut Down

Residents have been ordered to vacate Fairfield Manor West Retirement Residence

On Friday, August 31, the owner of the home on Ridley Drive was charged for failing to comply with fire safety regulations.

According to Kingston Fire and Rescue, every effort was made to work with the owner to ensure compliance with legislative requirements under the Ontario Fire Code.

Fire Chief Shawn Armstrong says fire safety plans were to be maintained and in place for the safe evacuation of all occupants should a fire occur.

"Over the weekend the situation continued to demonstrate and insufficient Fairfield staff members were on duty, or trained, to suitably carry out the owner's responsibilities under the fire code."

The South-East Local Health Integration Network has been successful in relocating all of residents.

Just a few months ago, the home’s sister location, Fairfield Manor East, had its licence revoked and is being forced to shut down by October 31.