Four People Arrested in Relation to Home-Invasion

Kingston Police have arrested two women and two youth following an investigation into a north end home invasion.

Early Saturday morning, it's alleged the woman, 31, and two youths, aged 16 and 17 tried to enter the victims residence but were unsuccessful.

About 30 minutes later, they returned with the other woman, 28, who is known to the victim, and were let inside.

Police say the accused had a concealed pellet gun which resembles a real handgun, and went into the victim's bedroom and shot her approximately eight times, before fleeing.

The victim was too scared to come forward and incident was actually reported through a third party on Monday.

All accused parties have been charged with unlawfully in a dwelling-house, assault with a weapon, assault cause bodily harm, use imitation firearm to commit an offence, point firearm, possession of a weapon for purpose dangerous to public peace, carry concealed weapon.