Kingston to Defend Commuter Challenge Title

Kingston is hoping to defend its Commuter Challenge title.

For the past six years, the city has finished first place among cities of it's size in the national competition to make a healthy and environmentally friendly choice by taking transit, walking, running or riding to work this week.

Workplaces and individuals can track their progress during the week through the official Commuter Challenge website here.

Participants are also invited to attend cycling roll in breakfasts every day of the week.

Those taking part can stop by for a free, healthy breakfast on the go as they commute to work, or hop on their bike, and join the Mayor on a Wednesday morning commute down a section of the K&P Trail.

In 2017, Kingston had 695 Commuter Challenge participants from 53 local workplaces who travelled 48,901 kilometres, avoiding 8,156 kilograms of carbon emissions, and saving 3340 litres of fuel.