Kingston Transit Passes for High School Students Now Available

If you know someone starting high school this fall, make sure they sign up to get a Kingston Transit bus pass for the year.

As of August 8, all grade 9 through 12 students can renew or sign up for their free pass through the Kingston Transit website.

"Free bus passes for high school students give youth an opportunity to work, volunteer and participate in community events giving them a greater connection to the Kingston community at large," says Mayor Bryan Paterson.

"The success of this initiative can be seen every day when you see buses full of high school students - starting with our youth, we are creating a new transit culture in Kingston."

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Kingston Transit plans to visit each high school in the area for a complimentary transit training session.

"With another school year just around the corner, we are excited to both renew the existing bus passes of Kingston high school students, and to offer this opportunity for a whole a new cohort of Grade 9 students," says Jeremy DaCosta, director, transit and fleet services.

"The Kingston Transit high school bus program has been a great success with students across Kingston, as well as a big hit with parents and guardians. In 2017 alone, over 600,000 high school students rode with Kingston Transit."