Local Police Hold Gun Amnesty in April

Police say they're here to help if you want to give up your gun.

April is gun amnesty month, it's an initiative the police force is taking part in,  along with the OPP.

It's an opportunity for people to voluntarily surrender unwanted or illegally-owned firearms, weapons, accessories or ammunition.

"Ontario has seen an increase in break-and-enter incidents where firearms are stolen or targeted by criminals," says OPP Commissioner Vince Hawkes.

"The OPP and our participating police partners are giving people a safe way to dispose of weapons, imitation weapons and related equipment, accessories and ammunition to reduce the number of guns in their communities."

During the amnesty, police will not recommend weapons-related Criminal Code charges that might otherwise apply to people who are turning in these items.

No amnesty will be offered for people who turn in weapons that have been used in the commission of a crime, and no anonymous submissions will be accepted.

You are being reminded to never just bring in the gun to the station, but give Kingston Police or OPP a call on their non-emergency line, and an officer can come by to pick it up.

"Under NO circumstances should anyone deliver guns or ammunition directly to police facilities. The OPP will attend your residence to retrieve the items listed in the amnesty" says Detachment Commander of the Frontenac OPP Detachment Sharron Brown.