Man Caught Inside Home as K9 Leads Officers to Second Break and Enter

A man, 39, of no fixed address, was arrested after the K9 unit tracked him to the second home he had allegedly broken into on Highway 2.

On Tuesday afternoon, the complainant located the man inside his neighbours garage, just east of Kingston.

Police were called and officers attempted to locate the man but were unsuccessful, so the K9 unit was called in to track him down.

The K9 unit followed a track from the garage to the back door of another residence on Highway 2, a short walking distance away.

When officers knocked on the front door, a man in blue coveralls appeared at the back door, but stopped when he spotted police.

A few moments later the man appeared at the front door and tried to convince officers that he had permission to be in the residence.

Officers were able to contact the owners and confirmed they did not know the man and he was not welcomed in their home.

The accused was then arrested and charged with two counts of break and enter, and breach of probation.