Man Charged with Historic Sexual and Physical Assaults

A Kingston man, 37, has been arrested for sexual and physical assaults dating back to 2013.  

In February of last year, the victim ended her relationship with the accused due to threats.

Earlier this month, Police learned of sexual and physical assaults that occurred during their relationship and launched an investigation.

In January 2017,  when the victim had been feeling ill and laid down to take a nap, it's alleged the accused came into the bedroom and sexually assaulted her.

It's alleged the accused tackled her to the ground and punched her in the head during an argument in May of 2016.

Police say in 2013,  the accused became angry with the victim for not giving him money to drive out of town to a party while she stayed home to watch their child, and he allegedly threw an object at the victim which struck her in the eye, causing injury.  

The accused was arrested on Friday and charged with sexual assault, assault, and assault with a weapon.