March is Fraud Prevention Month

March is fraud prevention month.

Kingston Police and Utilities Kingston want to remind you that unsolicited, door-to-door sales of certain products and services is now banned in Ontario, in an effort to protect consumers from aggressive and misleading contract sales.

If someone comes to your door to sell these products and services on or after March 1, don't be afraid to shut the door and call Consumer Protection Ontario at 1-800-889-9768.

It's important to also keep in mind that representatives from Utilities Kingston and Kingston Hydro do NOT go door-to-door for sales purposes.

"Utility customers are targets for scams at the door, over the phone and through the Internet. When in doubt, don't be afraid to shut the door, hang up the phone, delete the email or close your Internet connection. You can always call us to confirm the truth of any sales pitch," cautions president and CEO of Utilities Kingston, Jim Keech.

Kingston Police receive numerous complaints every week about suspicious door-to-door sales people, phone calls and emails for many promotions and services.