Minister Hosts Roundtable on New Ontario Student Assisance Program

Ontario's minister responsible for post-secondary education says 185,000 students have received free tuition this year under a new government program.
Advanced Education Minister Deb Matthews is announcing the figures on Monday,  which equal more than a third of all full-time college and university students in Ontario.

Matthews will host a roundtable discussion with students from St. Lawrence College and Queen's University on September 11, to hear student perspectives on the new Ontario Student Assistance Program.

The event is schedule to begin at 12:45 p.m. from the Innovation Hub at St. Lawrence's Kingston Campus.

"Going to college or university is a wonderful opportunity for young Ontarians," says Matthews.

"That's why this government is committed to making it as easy and affordable as we possibly can for students, so that they can pursue their dreams, fulfill their potential and get the skills they'll need for the jobs of tomorrow."
First announced in last year's budget, the new program gives a combination of grants and loans took effect for this school year.
For example, a student going straight from high school to university whose parents make $70,000 could receive $7,300 in grants, which would cover the average cost of tuition, and $8,300 in repayable loans.