Alexander Henry Future Still Up in the Air

The Alexander Henry, a decommissioned Coast Guard ship that has called Kingston home for decades, is still temporarily docked in Picton, but it might not be for long.

In December, a group looking to save the ship from being turned into scrap metal suggested a plan be put in place to transport the ship back to Thunder Bay, where it was built.

The project is estimated to cost around $250,000 and would be split between the cities of Kingston and Thunder Bay, and the government.

Early in December, Kingston City Council voted put up $50,000 in moving expenses and asked Thunder Bay to spend $125,000.

However, Thunder Bay City Council has deferred the request to the city's waterfront development commission who will meet again on January 18.

A final decision on the project is expected sometime in February.

If the deal cannot be reached, scrapping the ship will cost the city an estimated $163,000.