Ballcap Bandit Gets 4 Years In Prison

The bearded bank robber, who many referred to as the ballcap bandid and evaded police for nearly four months last year, has pleaded guilty to robbing eight banks and will serve four years behind bars.

Tristan Marois Drouin, 30, of Quebec was arrested west of Trenton on December 16.

Drouin, who was sometimes seen in surveillance photos sporting a bushy black beard and a tilly hat, or a Blue Jays cap and clean shaven, told the judge he never intended to hurt anyone and stole the cash to pay for living expenses because he didn't have a job.

Police say, in total, Drouin stole more than $10,000 in Canadian and American cash.

Some of the money was recovered, however nearly $8000 of it remains unaccounted for.

In court, the man said he would pass computer typed notes to the tellers letting them know he was armed and that he wanted $5000.

He also warned them not to give him bills with dye packets or to press the alarm, or he would have to come back and see them again.

The man admitted during his arrest that he was responsible for hold ups in Kingston, Napanee, Trenton, Richmond Hill, Toronto, and Oshawa.