Boil Water Advisory Issued for Picton Residents

A boil water advisory is now in effect for Prince Edward County residents connected to the Picton and Bloomfield drinking water system.

A foul odour and oily sheen was detected in a raw water sampling line.

The plant collected its water from nearby Picton Bay where a partially submerged barge spilled an estimated 30 litres of contaminants into the water a week ago.

Truckloads of clean water are now being shipped to the area to replenish depleted drinking water reservoirs.

The facility, which was shut down on Tuesday as a precaution, and briefly re-started on Wednesday, was quickly shut down again and remains non-operational as of Thursday.

Residents are still encouraged to conserve water where they can, and to boil their water for safety.

As 9:30 a.m. Friday, no reports of illnesses have been reported in connection to the spill.