Calls About Sick Raccoons on the Rise

The Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre has seen a recent spike in calls from residents in Kingston and the surrounding area about oddly behaving raccoons, which they believe may sick with canine distemper.

Calls describe the suffering animals as having seizures, falling from trees, unable to climb or walk normally, out in the daytime, exposed and not finding shelter in cold weather.

Canine Distemper tends to make normally wild raccoons appear friendly or unafraid of humans, lethargic, sedated, sometimes with twitching noses or extremities.

They often have a difficult time getting around and appear to have injured arms or legs.

While the disease isn't contagious to humans, it can be passed very easily to unvaccinated dogs, so dog owners are asked to keep a closer eye on their pets.

SPWC does not believe this is related to Raccoon Rabies which they say has been confined to the Hamilton region.

If you see a Raccoon suffering from these symptoms call SPWC 613-354-0264.