City to Purchase New EMS Vehicles

New EMS vehicles are coming to Kingston Police and Frontanac Paramedics.

The City has approved the budget for three new ambulances at a cost of $137,000 each.

The 2017 Kingston Police budget is $593,000 and will allow for the acquisition of 15 new vehicles including eight new police cruisers.

Kingston Fire and Rescue are still submitting their request for purchase papers for three new pumper trucks and one platform truck to replace old ones.

The Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief will present two reports to council in the coming weeks for the different styles of trucks.

They will ask the city for $1.267-million for a ResQTech System Inc. platform truck, which was the less expensive of the two bids submitted to KFR.

The truck has been in use and on the road since 1990.

They will also ask for $767,500 for a top of the line pumper truck and $1.35-million for two other style pumper trucks from a different company.