Group Fighting for a Minimum Wage Increase Presents Petition to MPP

The Kingston Chapter of the Fight for $15 and Fairness Campaign will deliver a petition to MPP Sophie Kiwala's office Friday around 2:00 p.m.

As of Thursday, the petition had more than 600 signatures from people supporting the province-wide campaign to raise minimum employment standards and expand workers’ rights in Ontario.

They are calling for a $15 minimum wage, paid sick days, improved vacation pay, fair scheduling practices, and are demanding an end to special exemptions for agricultural workers, servers, and employees under the age of 18.

"In calling on our MPP to support $15 and Fairness, we're also raising a bigger issue about employer accountability,” says Lesley Jamieson, who is active in the campaign and executive member of the Kingston and District Labour Council.

“Low-wage, precarious work takes a toll on our health, housing and food options. It is a direct outcome of standards which allow employers to skirt what should be basic responsibilities to their employees.”

If you want to add your signature to the petition before it is served, volunteers will be collecting more signatures at Princess and Bagot between 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m on Friday.

“Enforcing a right through the Employment Standards Act is very difficult,” says Andrew Hills, a campaign supporter and Queen’s University law student.

“Even simple complaints can take months before they are investigated by the Ministry of Labour, and the actual protections offered by the ESA are commonly too limited to make a meaningful difference in the life of workers.”