Growing Opioid Crisis Brings Together Local Medical Professionals

Local first responders and medical professionals are coming together to discuss how to cope with the growing concern of an opioid overdose crisis in the Kingston area.

KFL&A Public Health says opioids, like fentanyl, are responsible for on average, one overdose death per month.

This is largely due to the fact that street drugs, like ecstasy and cocaine, are being laced with Fentanyl and are being sold to unsuspecting people in Kingston.

Because you never know what street drugs contain, KFL&A Public health suggests anyone using drugs, even recreationally, should make sure they have a naloxone overdose kit just in case.

You can get them at the health unit or through the street health team at Kingston Community Health Centres.

Local first responders, hospital staff, physicians, community health providers, public health agencies, emergency managers, and provincial and federal partners from across the South East LHIN are working on improving how they respond to the growing issue of overdoses by determining roles and responsibilities at each level.

“We are taking this pro-active approach in response to the opioid crisis,” says Dr. Kieran Moore, Associate Medical Officer of Health.

“A community plan is needed to respond to a potential surge in the number of opioid overdoses. With the sudden spike in opioid overdose cases throughout Canada, there is no reason to think eastern Ontario will be any different and we need to be ready."