KGH Debuts New Technology to Battle Cancer

Kingston General Hospital is revolutionizing how doctor's diagnose and treat bladder cancer.

KGH has become the first hospital in Canada to complete a blue-light cystoscopy outside of a clinical trial, and will soon begin offering the procedure on regular basis.

The procedure uses a special blue light that illuminates the cancerous cells so they can be more easily identified and removed by surgeons.

Patients with bladder cancer commonly develop many small tumours rather than one larger one,” says KGH Urologist and Head of Urology at Queen’s University Dr. Robert Siemens.

“Now that we can more easily see them, we can remove them more completely during the first procedure.”

They show up as bright pink compared to the normal tissue, so doctors can ensure that all of the bad tissue is removed.

Around 8000 Canadian's are diagnosed with bladder cancer every year and it has a high rate of recurrence.

This new technology will make the procedure faster and more effective for patients, who usually have to undergo multiple procedures to remove the cancer as it returns.