New Rules, Regulations, and Fees for 2017

Now that the expensive holiday season is behind us, get ready to pay even more this year for things like natural gas and fuel for your car.

Ontario's Cap-and-Trade Program is now in effect and is expected to add about $5 a month to your average home heating bills and about four-cents per litre to the price at the pumps.

Kingstonians who use the bus will also need to bring along another quarter as fares have increased 25-cents.

You will also notice more information on the menu at your favourite restaurants as they are now required to list calorie counts for meals and beverages.  

New Policing rules in Ontario now prohibit officers from requesting ID arbitrarily, or based on a person's race or presence in a high-crime neighbourhood.

The new rules do not apply if police ask for ID during a traffic stop, while arresting or detaining someone, while executing a warrant, or investigating a specific crime.

Some of you may notice Employment insurance or Canada Pension Plan deductions reappearing on your paycheques while the waiting time for EI benefits is slashed in half from two weeks to one week.

Several federal tax credits have been axed for 2017, including textbook and education tax credits, and children's fitness and arts credits.

However, you can still claim them one last time on your taxes to be filed this spring.

Ontario has also lowered the maximum total cost of borrowing for a payday loan from $21 to $18 per $100 borrowed.