Province Looking For Suggestions to Help Battle Ticket Bots

The Province is looking for your suggestions on how they can make laws to make ticket buying and selling more fair.

Click here to take an online survey that will ask you about four key areas:

Access - making sure everyone has a fair shot at buying tickets for popular events

Affordability - addressing consumer concerns about resale prices and service charges

Transparency - making more information available to consumers when they buy tickets

Enforcement - making sure laws are followed.

You have until March 15 to fill out the survey.

The idea of outlawing ticket bots was introduced to Queen's Park last year by Kingston and the Islands MPP Sophie Kiwala following the Tragically Hip's final show, where tickets were nearly impossible to get for fair, market price.

For this event, as with many others, tickets are mostly bought and sold online and often sell out within minutes, and then tickets are posted on resale sites at massively inflated prices.

This leaves fans unable to afford tickets and therefore unable to attend shows.

Starting on February 28, fans can help the government develop new legislation that would make the process of buying and selling tickets more fair and transparent by sharing their ideas through an online consultation.