Public Health Issues Alert Over Laced Street Pills

Fentanyl laced counterfeit prescription opioids, like Oxycotin and Percocet, have made their way into the Limestone City.

KFL&A Public Health suspects illicit fentanyl counterfeit drugs found in Kingston may have been involved in recent life-threatening overdoses and are awaiting lab results.

They say the counterfeit pills can be made to look almost identical to prescription opioids so you can't tell if they have been tampered with or are laced with dangerous Fentanyl until its too late.

Public Health also says the presence of fentanyl significantly increases the risk of overdose, which can be fatal even in very small amounts.

If you know or are someone who takes these types of drugs, even just recreationally, Public Health asks you to be prepared.

Know the signs and symptoms of an opioid overdose and have have an overdose naloxone kit just in case.

Click here for more information about the overdose kits.