Ontario Under an Extreme Cold Warning

Every corner of Ontario remains under an extreme cold alert, with the wind chill producing double-digit lows.
Environment Canada says wind chills will drop below minus 30 overnight Friday, and into Saturday morning, with little let-up heading into Saturday night.
The weather agency calls for a ``prolonged period of very cold wind chills'' and that the extreme cold will likely continue through Sunday morning.

These freezing temperatures has prompted KFL&A Public Health to issue a Cold Weather Health Warning.

During this cold snap, children and seniors should take extra precautions to avoid the effects of the cold, or just stay inside.

"It is forecast to be very cold throughout the KFL&A area over the next few days" says Adrienne Hansen-Taugher, manager of infectious disease prevention and emergency preparedness for KFL&A Public Health.  

"The low temperatures and especially cold wind chill are of greatest concern during this cold spell, and we want all residents, especially vulnerable populations, to seek shelter, to cover exposed skin including head, hands and face, and to watch for signs of hypothermia."

KFL&A Public Health does with community service providers, municipalities, schools, long-term care homes, and emergency service providers to make sure that vulnerable groups are taken care of.