Opiod Overdose Confirmed Cause of Inmate Death

Collins Bay Institution is dealing with an opioid crisis of its own.

Eleven inmates in the medium security unit have overdosed on fentanyl since April 13.

The most recent overdose resulted in the death of inmate Jeffrey Keller, 50.

Kyle Lawlor, Media Relations and Outreach Advisor with the Correctional Service of Canada says a naloxone kit was used to try and save the man and CPR was performed before paramedics arrived, but he died in hospital.

Staff have been trained on how to use naloxone kits and be aware of the signs of a possible overdose and are also doing regular wellness checks on inmates.

The powerful drug is coming from outside prison walls and a tip line has been set up in hopes of finding out where exactly it's coming from.

If you have any information about contraband making its way into the prison system, you are being encouraged to call the CSC tip line at: 1-866-780-3784.