Parking Lot Dropped Money Scammers Target Kingstonians

Kingston Police have received multiple complaints of a parking lot scam.

The scam involves a person approaching the victim while walking to their vehicle, producing what is usually a $20 bill, claiming to have found it near the vehicle and asks if it belongs to them.

Once the victim pulls out a wallet or purse to check, the suspect steals their bank card, leaves and immediately makes withdrawals.

Three of these thefts occurred in the Walmart parking lot on Midland Avenue, but it is suspected other areas may have also been targeted.

Police believe an accomplice inside the store is obtaining the PIN by getting in line behind the victim.

Loses are typically around $1000, however one victim reported a theft of $4500.

Police want to remind you to always conceal your PIN while entering the number when you make a purchase, and to be cautious if you're suddenly approached by a stranger in a parking lot.

Surveillance video footage from a bank where one of the stolen debit cards was used has been released.

The man in the photo is a suspect for use of the stolen card, but it is unknown at this time if he was involved in the actual theft.

Anyone with information, is asked to contact Detective Brad Hughes at 613-549-4660 ext. 6286 or via email at

Click here to make an anonymous tip online or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).