Police Issue Warning about "You lost your $20" Scam

Kingston Police say many people have been tricked by the "You lost your $20" scam.

The frauds seem to be perpetrated by the same individuals, a man and a woman, who work together at local stores.

One suspect, usually the woman, stands in line behind the victim as they enter their PIN at check-out,  while the second suspect is waiting in the parking lot to approach the victim and tell them they dropped $20.

Often, the victim will take out their wallet to check to see if any cash is missing and once that happens, the suspect is able to discreetly take the credit or debit card which was just used inside the store.

Once the victim leaves the area, the suspects quickly make numerous withdrawals of cash at nearby ATMs.    

Fraud detectives say some victims have lost thousands of dollars in this scam, and mostly women aged 60-80 are being targeted.