Second Phase of Planning Underway for North King's Town Re-Development

The city is launching the next phase of planning for North Kings Town.

There will be five technical studies on the inner harbour and old industrial areas just north of downtown which include; land use, cultural heritage, transportation, servicing and finance.

"These studies will help us create the plan for this diverse and important area and feedback will help us get them right. Because there is so much ground to cover, we are doing this in stages starting with the land use plan and the cultural heritage analysis," says Sonya Bolton, senior planner.

You are being encouraged to attend the launch of phase two at a couple of workshops, starting Wednesday, February 28, at the Royal Canadian Legion on Montreal Street.

There are also be drop-in information sessions scheduled for early March.

Click here to see when and where they will be held and to find out more about the NKT plan.