Sir John's Public House Changes Name

Sir John's Public House is changing its name.

The owner says it will scrap the name of Canada's first prime minister because it's offensive to some Indigenous customers.

The building was home to Sir John A's law office from 1849 to 1860.

The pub's sign on King Street will be changed on Tuesday.

It will now be known as The Public House.

The Idle No More Movement in Kingston has responsed to news of the name change:

"Anti colonial activists including INM-K have held a steady string of actions against the symbolism of John A in Kingston for years. For years people always dismissed or silenced such actions for their tone, and suggesting such actions would have no effect.

For the second year in a row the anti John A actions of Kingston have brought his fans to cease and about face, both times with admittance that the change was due to public pressure stemming from years of actions that raised controversy.

This year INM-K is partnering with multiple allies to demonstrate through speech and performance how John A and Canada's colonial legacy lives on in very real ways today. The oppression of our people must stop being symbols of state pride if we are to effectively fight racism."