Social Media Spat Leads to Charges for Two Youth

Two Kingston teens are facing charges after a social media argument escalated into a fight with weapons on a front yard.

Kingston Police say two girls became involved in an argument over social media on Sunday and it escalated to the point where one of them proposed they settle their differences in a fight.

The complainant told Police the other girl approached her house, yelling and threatening the victim.

It's alleged that a boy was with the girl and shot a pellet gun several times at the victim, but missed before the girl he was with pulled out a knife.

Police say the alleged victim struck the girl, causing her to drop the knife, and the two engaged in a physical struggle.

The pair fled the scene before officers arrived.
A boy and girl, both 17, surrendered to police on Monday.

He is charged with two counts of assault with a weapon and assault, while she faces one count of assault with a weapon.