St. Lawrence Parks Commission Moves Forward on Tree Cutting Plan

Tree cutting will resume at Ivy Lea Campground this week.

The St. Lawrence Parks commission put a temporary stop to the tree cutting plan last month after residents voiced disapproval of the project and the commissions lack of public communication and consultation.

A third party master arborist was hired to examine the commission's plan following a spirited public meeting in Lansdowne.

Residents were also concerned that the commission was cutting down perfectly healthy trees, including endangered species, and that the commission had a hidden agenda to make money from clear cutting the trees.

A new plan is now in place and approximately 35 trees will be removed, but a tree planting program will be initiated at the campground this spring to replenish the tree canopy.

Click here to review the original 2014 South Nation Conservation Authority Forest Management report and the recently completed Logan Tree Experts report.