Striking College Workers Set to Vote on Final Contract Offer

The Ontario Labour Relations Board will be determining the date of a vote on a final contract offer for about 12,000 college workers who have been on strike for almost a month.
The College Employer Council, which represents the province's 24 colleges, has asked that balloting be held on all college campuses to ensure the largest number of faculty possible can participate.

"OPSEU's insistence on continuing the strike is a terrible outcome for students and faculty," says Sonia Del Missier, Chair, Colleges' Bargaining Team.

"We addressed all faculty priorities and the offer that is available for faculty right now - on the table - should have ended this strike."
A vote of 50 per-cent plus one is all that is required to accept the deal and end the strike.

"An employer vote is never a preferred path, because a settlement should be reached at the bargaining table. But we have exhausted all efforts at the bargaining table and now our faculty will decide," says Del Missier.
The council has asked striking faculty members to suspend the strike and resume classes ahead of the vote, but OPSEAU says it has no plan to end the strike before then.

Talks to end the four week labour dispute which has left almost half a million students out of the classroom, broke down on Monday morning.

OPSEU bargaining chair JP Hornick says the council walked away from the table, when only one outstanding issue a request on academic freedom, remained unsettled.

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