Teens Captured in Stolen Van Following Joy Ride

Two youths face multiple charges after going for a joy ride in the city's north end on Friday night.

Several calls were made to Police around 8:00 p.m., about a vehicle that was driving erratically in the area of Weller Avenue and Sutherland Drive.

It was determined that the van in question had been stolen earlier in the day, and when officers deployed a stop stick, the driver veered away and smashed into a police cruiser and a parked car.

Police say the van then re-entered the highway and the youths were located in the van at Middle Road and Highway 2.

By this time, the driver and passenger had switched positions.

During their arrest, both teens were non-compliant and would not obey the officers' directions.

The boys, 14 and 16, have been charged with Dangerous Driving, possession of stolen property, and obstructing Police.

The 16 year-old is also charged with breaching probation and the 14 year-old is additionally charged with leaving the scene of an accident.