Third Crossing Proposal Goes to Council Tuesday Evening

After talking about it for decades, it's time for Council to vote on the business plan and preliminary design for the proposed Third Crossing.

A special meeting is set for 6:00 p.m. Tuesday in Council Chambers.

If more time is needed, which is likely, the discussion will continue Wednesday evening.

"The draft reports on the preliminary design and business plan for the Third Crossing are the result of the work done over the last 15 months," says Mark Van Buren, director of engineering.

"We've received lots of feedback from the more than 330 people who came to the open houses last week and we know residents are interested in the detailed information in these draft reports."

If council decides to move forward with phase four of the Third Crossing Action Plan, the next step would be to develop a detailed design for the bridge over the Cataraqui River.

The bridge is estimated to cost $180-Million and the city is looking to the provincial and federal government's to help pay for it.

Click here to view the preliminary design summary report for the Third Crossing