Three People Charged in Car Surfing Incident

Three local men face charges in a car surfing incident that left another man, 23, with serious injuries.
Investigators say the incident began on the evening of May 27, when a group of four restaurant employees, were drinking and socializing at their workplace.
It's alleged that early the next morning, a man, 22, was driving a car with a passenger, 23, and another man, 18, was holding on behind while skateboarding, and the injured man was body surfing on the roof.
When the man fell off the roof of the moving vehicle and struck his head, it's alleged the skateboarder checked on it but then fled in the vehicle with the other two men.

Even though all three returned to provide statements, investigators say the information was later determined to be false and misleading.  
The skateboarder and passenger are charged with accessory to criminal negligence and obstructing police.

The driver is charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, criminal negligence causing bodily harm, and leaving the scene of an accident.