Violent Shopper Charged

A woman, 26 faces a slew of charges after allegedly pulling a knife on a mall employee when she was caught shoplifting.

It happened Friday night when an employee at one of the stores became suspicious after a shopper who had been in a change room handed back some clothing items with their security devices ripped off.

When she was confronted, it's alleged she pulled out a knife, threatened the employee, and then ran out of the mall.

In the process, the accused was seen hitting a parked car before driving away.

Officers caught up with the woman on Selkirk Road, where Police say she was found rummaging inside a closet and stealing money.

The accused was arrested and roughly $800 worth of stolen items were recovered from the mall, along with a small amount of suspected heroin.

She was charged with; theft, threats, possession of a weapon, break and enter, possession of stolen property, fail to remain and drug possession.