10K Summer Selfie

99.9 BOB FM presents the return of the ’10K Summer Selfie’!


We have $10,000 in cash prizes to award to select selfie-takers across Manitoba, and you could be one of the recipients!


To enter, take a quality selfie at some point during the summer, and post it before Thursday, August 30th at 12 noon to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag, #10KSummerSelfie. Showcase a generally amazing photo, or snap a theme selfie in 1 of our bonus categories. Your picture could be worth cold hard cash!


Our favourite pics in each of the below categories will be selected and revealed Tuesday, September 4th.


Keep your phone charged and be ready to capture the best that this summer has to offer.


Here are the selfies we’ll be looking for…



Selfie Of The Summer


Our Selfie Of The Summer has no specific criteria. We’re just looking for the best photo ever. The coolest, cutest, most moving, most gorgeous, most impressive photos are all potential contenders. If it stands out in any way, chances are it could be what we’re looking for. If it is, you’ll receive a $5,000 grand prize for your submission.  



Best Animal Selfie, presented by Assiniboine Park Zoo


You could actually go to the Zoo, and get a picture in front of one of the provinces rarer and more exotic animals! Or it could be as simple as snapping a photo with your photogenic dog while eating ice-cream, or capturing a quality #Caturday. We’re just looking for safe, adorable and/or amazing photos of yourself with any animal of your choice. The winner of our Best Animal Selfie will receive $1,000 from Assiniboine Park Zoo.



Best Outdoor Selfie, presented by Lacoste Garden Centre


This one’s all about the scenery! Manitoba has so many beautiful horizons and landscapes to capture. This is a good time to show us that sunset you’ve been talking about. Or perhaps you’d like to present your depiction of #LakeLife from this past weekend? This might also be a great time to show us what you did on your summer vacation, in or outside of the province. Our winning Best Outdoor Selfie will be good for a $1,000 prize from Lacoste Garden Centre, who could offer plenty of outdoor enhancements if needed.



Best Workout Selfie, presented by Alter Ego Sports


If you exercise and don’t take a picture of it, did you really exercise? Get a simple gym shot or take a pic of yourself outside on the bike trail, or as you triumphantly cross the finish line at an upcoming marathon. Our Best Workout Selfie winner, presented by Alter Ego Sports, will receive $1,000 for living their best life.



Best Family Selfie, presented by Deer Meadow Farms


Showcase your fam’s finest! Take a group pic with your kids during this year’s summer vacay, or keep it simple and capture some basic family fun during your backyard staycay. Whoever helps you to bring out the best in your Best Family Selfie could share a $1,000 cash prize from Deer Meadow Farms.


Best Manitoba Selfie, presented by Chicken Chef


These photos should be representative of our province in setting, culture, people, etc. Whoever nails it most effectively will win $1,000 from Chicken Chef.


Think you have one of the above categories covered? Then let’s get started! If you need some additional selfie inspiration, check out some of the other entries that we’ve received so far.