BOB On The Job

You deserve a break! So do we!


Okay, you’re the excuse we’ve been looking for in order to ditch work early. Just roll with it. But we promise we’ll make it worth your while!


Enter below and tell us where you’re working this Wednesday and what you’ve done of late to deserve a ‘BOB On The Job’ lunch break for you and 19 of your co-workers. We’ll show up at your place of business with our friends at Boston Pizza, who will provide you and your work crew with delicious gourmet pizzas and soda.


Tell us where you’re working and we’ll come to you! We can even ask your boss for a raise on your behalf if you want. If he calls the cops though, you need to vouch for us.


‘BOB On The Job’ – presented by Boston Pizza and 99.9 BOB FM! Listen this Friday with Beau & Mark to see if you’re a winner!