Test Your Earth Worth with Recycle My Electronics Manitoba

The future is in your hands. Don't let it go to waste. That’s why RECYCLE MY ELECTRONICS MANITOBA is encouraging all of us to be responsible recyclers in time for Earth Week April 16th – April 22nd.

Most of us have old, broken and end-of-life electronics in our homes and as part of our lives. The Recycle My Electronics program ensures that when we take these end-of-life electronics to any of the over 2,300 approved drop-off locations across the country, that they'll be safely and securely recycled and that the resources inside will be recovered and put back into the manufacturing supply chain.

What can you do to create a greater, greener Earth?

‘Test Your Earth Worth’ today by taking the below quiz about responsible electronics recycling.

One random person who answers all questions correctly will be selected to win a $100 VISA gift card on Tuesday, April 23rd

For clues to these questions and for additional trivia and tips, check out the ‘Recycle My Electronics’ Learning Hub.   

To learn more about what to recycle, and where residents and businesses in Manitoba can drop-off their unwanted electronics free-of-charge, visit the Recycle My Electronics website