BOB’s making its own list, and checking it twice. Maybe even three times!


We want you to nominate someone for The Nice/Naughty List. Tell us about a nice OR naughty individual you know and why you’re nominating him or her. We’ll pick out a few nice individuals and give them a festive shout-out for all the good they’re doing. And we’ll also choose a few not-so-nice people, and see if we can’t get them to feel some of that warm, fuzzy holiday spirit.


Nice nominees could win some great stocking stuffers, including Alter Ego Sports, The University of Winnipeg Wesman, Independent Jewellers and Inn At The Forks. Naughty nominees could also win prizes, although chances are good that it could include our Aunt BOBette’s nasty five-year old fruitcake.  


Who’s nice? Who’s naughty? We want to hear from you! Winners will be selected daily from December 4th to 24th.