Caring For Kids


Join 99.9 BOB FM and Abalon Foundation Repairs to help sick kids who need it most with our ‘Caring For Kids’ initiative!


Text the word KIDS to 204999 now, and when you do, $1 will be donated to The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba up to $1,000, courtesy of Abalon Foundation Repairs. Standard message rates apply.


Your actions can support the staff at CHF, and contribute towards purchasing vital equipment and services that help to change lives here in Manitoba, for families and kids like Cameron.


The minute Cameron was born, medical staff knew something was wrong. He spent the first 8 months of his life stuck to a hospital bed via 4 feet of ventilator tubing. Cameron was eventually diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy, but his quality of life improved with the addition of a portable ventilator, which allowed Cameron to explore outside the hospital – finally seeing his backyard and the dogs who roamed there.


Donations collected by Abalon Foundation Repairs and the ‘Caring For Kids’ program help to fund emergency equipment like the ventilator that Cameron used, along with hundreds of other items that children need for quality care by The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. Donations fund research. Donations support the many services that Cameron and other kids receive when they’re in danger. Donations bring hope to families across Manitoba.


One text message makes a world of difference today! Please consider showing your support!


Click here to learn more about how your donations can save a life!