• Ping Pong without a Paddle

    I wonder if there's an actual line in the ping pong rulebook that says you need a paddle. Anyway, this guy will have a leg up if it turns out you can have a wine glass ping pong league.
  • Ready Player One Trailer

    It seems like everyone was talking about this book a few years ago. Here's the trailer for the movie they made from it!
  • Star Wars Guitar Symphony

    Star Wars Episode 8 came out and tons of people went to see it. It seems appropriate to show this guy playing the Vader theme on 70 guitars.
  • What's Net Neutrality?

    Last week, the FCC decided to go ahead and move away from net neutrality. Here's what it could mean for the internet (and viral videos!)
  • This Man's GPS is Kinda Rude to Him

    Has your GPS ever lost patience with you? We're you ever intimidated by it? Check what this man has to go through to reach his destination...
  • Portland Meteorologist Destroys Flat Earth Theories

    Can you believe that there are still people who think the Earth is flat? This meteorologist destroys their arguments in a little more than 4 minutes. A real smackdown.
  • 16-Year-Old is Accepted Into Harvard University!

    Ayrton Little is only 16 years of age, but he got accepted at Harvard University. His reaction is priceless!
  • Chinese Daredevil Falls to Death

    Wu Yongning, is/was a Chinese daredevil that posted some crazy stunt videos for years. You know how the saying goes: "If you play with fire, you'll get burned"? Well, let's just say that Wu got burned for the last time, trying yet another insane stunt.
  • This Dog Protects Planes from Bird Strikes

    Meet Piper the aviation bird dog. Piper protects the planes at Cherry Capital Airport from bird strikes and for that he gets to wear these super cool goggles!