Gillian Foote

Gillian Foote Show

Age: Legal

Hometown: Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia...Population: 2

Siblings: 1 Brother, Jon--He's a Huge PACKERS fan!!! He went to the Vikes/Pack game at Green Bay to watch Brett Favre's last game at Lambaugh and watched him get his ass kicked this past Fall.

Nicknames: Everyone calls me Gil. Family calls me Gilly Bean or Bean. Yukon calls me Julie.

What you Love: Family, My kitties (Belle & Whistle), laughing, pranks, cooking for friends and family, Golf, traveling, twitter, wine, tidy house, shopping, clothes, clean teeth.

What Pisses You Off?: Lineups, People who don't listen, Complainers who hate everything, Debbie Downers.

Question you get asked the most: "Is that your real name?", "Are those real?..."