Kevin White

Morning News Anchor

I was born during the great snow storm of 78' and raised in South Tetagouche, New Brunswick, just outside of the city of Bathurst. I graduated from Bathurst High School in 1996 and got my diploma of Youth Care Work in 2000. I prefer a good ol' fashioned house party to clubbing, though I'm not opposed to going out to see a live band. I love to sing and play a number of musical instruments including, guitar, bass and trumpet. I dabble in song-writing from time to time and find myself to be influenced by the likes of the Tragically Hip, Phish, Pearl Jam, Aerosmith, Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor, and the Grateful Dead among others. I love to cook and have my very own custom cake company:  Fatty's Custom Cakes. I love the outdoors and and its many activities all year round:  hunting, fishing, canoeing, camping, snowshoeing, and downhill skiing are among some of my favourites.