Kathy Griffin Reflects on Life Post Trump-Mask Scandal

In a long Twitter thread, comic Kathy Griffin reflected on the long, turbulent year she’s had.

One year ago, she posted an image of herself on Twitter in which she held up a bloodied mask meant to resemble President Donald Trump. Despite a swift apology, the backlash was significant. She was fired from several lucrative jobs, including her annual New Year’s Eve co-hosting gig with Anderson Cooper on CNN.

  • A year later, she says she was just trying to do her job. "Our job is to shine a bright light on issues people are afraid to talk about, speak truth to power, push boundaries, take risks, and by being provocative...force people to pay attention to important issues. And yes..we often do that through humor but provocation is also a tool," she tweeted.
  • If she could go back, she said she’d release the images differently, but says that Trump’s reaction to her tweet was worse than the tweet itself. "No other president in modern times has used his power this way and that's why I keep speaking out about this," the comedian explained. "I don't want this to happen to others and while it doesn't always make for uplifting interviews - I'm not going to stop shining a bright light on this."