• Exponential: Liane Davey and Lara Wharton

    This week on Exponential, Amanda asks Liane Davy, author of "The Good Fight" about the notion of "good conflict" and tips on how we can learn to ignore our adversarial instincts during conflict. She also talks with Lara Wharton, Meditation Instructor/Founder of Listen Lightly about her own story and where to begin when considering meditation

  • Exponential: Darrell Bricker, Author of "Empty Planet"

    For a long time we humans have been pre-occupied with how crowded our planet is…it’s a concern that stretches back to the pre-industrial era. But, what if the trend for the world isn’t to ‘too many’ people – but to fewer? Darrell Bricker is the global CEO of Ipsos Pubic Affairs (so he tracks trends of a living). With co-author John Ibbitson, Bricker explores the issue of population trends in the new book “Empty Planet; The Shock of Global Population Decline”

  • Exponential: Steffanie Strathdee, Author of "The Perfect Predator"

    In 2015, Steffanie Strathdee and her husband Tom Patterson were travelling in Egypt when he fell ill from a powerful strain of bacteria. Pattersons prospects were not good…but Strathdee, a doctor specializing in the study of disease, came across a radical fix. Phage therapy (as it’s called) was pioneered in the early 20th century by a Canadian doctor to fight bacteria. It fell out of use as antibiotics became the norm. In their new book, “the perfect predator’, Strathdee describes the process of using this natural viral attacker to save her husband’s life.

  • Exponential: David Johnston, Former Governor General

    It seems that everywhere we turn these days trust is eroding; Trust in our institutions, trust in government, trust in media... so how do we rebuild it, and why does it matter? Amand Lang talks to David Johnston, former governor general of Canada. He is the author of the book, ‘Trust, Twenty Ways to Build a Better Country”…which is part memoir, part how-to guide on developing trust.

  • Exponential: Mike Downie, Canadian Documentary Filmmaker

    Even before we can speak, humans learn to laugh and to cry. They are among the most important sounds we make, and communicate something essential. But what happens to our laughter and tears as we age? Mike Downie (brother to Tragically Hip front man Gord Downie) is a writer and director of a new documentary called ‘Laughing and Crying”

  • Exponential: Parag Khanna, Author of “The Future is Asian”

    In this episode, Amanda asks Parag Khanna, Indian American Specialist and author of “The Future is Asian” to explain the notion behind the book and how the west needs to overcomes decades of ignorance about Asia

  • Exponential: Leif Kaldor, Film Producer, part 4

    Amanda talks to Leif about major industries’ reaction to the problem, and what industry should we focus on fist when it comes to change.

  • Exponential: Leif Kaldor, Film Producer, part 3

    Amanda asks Leif whether there are any demographic overlays to the problem of air pollution

  • Exponential: Leif Kaldor, Film Producer, part 2

    Amanda asks Leif about the human brains ability to regenerate from the damage caused by air pollution

  • Exponential: Leif Kaldor, Film Producer, part 1

    Amanda asks Leif to describe why he took an interest in air pollution?