Ottawa South MPP admits he's behind

Ottawa South MPP John Fraser is publicly admitting for the first time that his campaign is falling behind.  

In a series of tweets, Fraser urged voters to look at the poll data and vote strategically. The Liberal MPP took the drastic step of releasing losing polling data, showing the Liberals at 30.94% to PC candidate Karin Howard's 34.30% and NDP candidate Eleanor Fast's 17.26%. The Green Party candidate Les Scram is at 2.47%. 

"I have been getting questions at the door on how people should Vote Strategically to Stop Doug Ford - Here are the Facts of a recent poll done for Ottawa South," Fraser wrote on Twitter.  "Don’t believe the hype. Since confederation, #ottawa south has always been a battle between Lib and Con. If you want to stop a Doug Ford PC, I need your support."

But that's not the only last-ditch measure Fraser's campaign has taken to gain support. Non-descript election signs across Ottawa-South have also started popping up. The signs, which have no mention of the Liberal Party, read "STOP Doug Ford. Vote John Fraser."

"We have used black & yellow election signs during last 2 elxns and in 2003," Fraser wrote on Twitter in response to a question. "Colours are not new, but the msg is - a call to action for all those people who don't want to see a Doug Ford candidate in Ottawa South."

A liberal stronghold, Ottawa-South has been red since 1987 when Dalton McGuinty Sr. was voted into power. McGuinty's son, also named Dalton, took over in 1990 and went on to be Premier.

Fraser, known as the face of Dalton McGuinty's constituency office, won the riding in a 2013 by-election.

Prior to 1987, the Progressive Conservatives won 14 consecutive elections dating back to the early 1900s.

Ottawa- South is the second oldest of eight Ottawa ridings.