21 Savage Opens Up About Being Detained By ICE

21 Savage has opened up about recently being detained by ICE. During an interview with Billboard, the rapper reflected on the experience and said, "The worst thing was sitting in there not knowing what was going to happen, or when it's going to happen. Whenever I went to jail before, it was, 'You're being charged with this and going to court on this date.' But immigration ain't like that. You're just being held."

21 added, "I went from just being regular to my life being in the lens 24-7."

Meanwhile, according to Sohh.com, the rapper’s deportation hearing has been postponed. The rapper’s hearing was scheduled for April 9th, but because he is no longer detained, 21’s attorney said that his case will go to a different group of judges. The rapper’s lawyer added, "They don’t have enough non-detained judges, so his case is waiting to be assigned. I can’t give anybody, even him, a date as to when that might be."