50 Cent Talks Receiving Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame


50 Cent will be receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The rapper/actor made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where he spoke about his new accolade. 

Colbert said, [“You getting your own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Congratulations. I’m excited about that. I didn't expect that. That came out of nowhere. I was like, ‘I get that?’ Stephen: Do you know where it's going to be or who you're going to be around? I wanted to move it. I wanted to move it to my neighborhood. But I'm going to have to just keep it wherever it lands, it will be good. Stephen: Sure, sure. Hopefully people will go take pictures next to it. Take a selfie where you can see my name.”] SOUNDCUE (:32 OC . . . see my name)

The conversation continued, [“Stephen: Sure. As I said, you got the music career. You've got the Grammys. You've got the Hollywood walk of fame. You're a successful businessman. Is there a holy grail? Is there something Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson has not achieved yet?  There are a few other trophies they didn't give me. Stephen: Do you have an Emmy? Do you have an Emmy? I don't have an Emmy. I'll take an Oscar.  Stephen: I'll take an Oscar, too. Nobel peace prize. Why not. I'll take them, put them in nice places. Stephen: Next to your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”] SOUNDCUE (:32 OC . . . walk of fame)